C. Mccabe*a (Pr)

a University of Birmingham, Birmingham, ROYAUME-UNI


Chris McCabe is Professor of Molecular Endocrinology at the University of Birmingham. He works on diverse mechanisms of endocrine cancers, particularly via thyroid and breast tumour models. Specifically, the research of the McCabe group focuses on proto-oncogenes in thyroid, breast and colon tumours; in vitro and in vivo models exploring gene function; mechanisms of aneuploidy and genetic instability; the action of the sodium iodide symporter NIS in thyroid and breast tumours.

The McCabe group currently holds funding from numerous funders including the Medical Research Council. Members of the group include a Consultant Clinician, a Clinical Lecturer, an MRC Senior Research Fellow, 4 PhD students, and an MRC technician. He has published extensively including in Nature, The Lancet, Cancer Research, Oncogene, JCEM, Endocrinology, FASEB, Genome Biology, Human Molecular Genetics, Nucleic Acids Research and Endocrine Related Cancer, winning several journal awards.

Chris McCabe was until recently Chair of the Wellcome Trust Basic Science Committee, and Chair of the Science Committee for the Society for Endocrinology. He is an Associate Editor of Endocrine Related Cancer, and has held Editorial positions on several other endocrine journals.

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